Simple and filling: avocado mango smoothie

My 16 month old little man loathes avocado. He's complete opposite of his sister, who loved avocado (it was her first food at 13 months old) and still loves it. I've had to resort to trickery to get this healthy fat into my boy. I made him an avocado mango smoothie that he promptly devoured and looked oh-so-cute devouring it. For any of you mamas having a hard time getting certain good foods down their kiddo's gullet, the blender is your friend.

Creamy avocado mango smoothie
1 fresh ripe mango
1/2 banana
1 avocado
enough milk (or water) to blend it all up
optional healthy additives: greens (kale or spinach), chia seed

Blend it all up and serve. The texture is divinely smooth. I didn't add the "healthy additives" in this one since my main goal was to get the avocado in little man's belly. Simple yet filling. Sometimes simplicity is a nice change.

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