Such a newb gardener!

red leaf lettuce up close and personal, red russian kale in the background

When we first moved to Washington last May, I was determined to have a garden. I heard the soil was rich and you didn't need a green thumb in order to get things to grow. In our excitement of renting a house that actually had gardening space, my hubby and I went a little haywire getting seeds and starts going. We planted beans, cabbage, lettuce, carrots, cilantro, parsley, mint, basil, rosemary, tomatoes, onions and a few other veggies. We ended up harvesting a handful of cherry tomatoes. Needless to say, we were clueless. So this season, we got an earlier start (it didn't help last year that we planted in June because of the chaos of moving from Texas to Washington with dogs, a kid and a newborn). This season, we're already seeing the fruits of our patience and newfound gardening wisdom (like the importance of spacing, watering and using compost to help the soil out). We planted red and green cabbage, red Russian kale and some Walla Walla onions. The starts were itty bitty when we first planted them and now they are decently sized and still growing! Several kale and lettuce and a couple cabbage are being attacked by slugs though, but that's a different post. The onions don't seem to be doing as well, only a random few are actually growing. The rest are neither dying nor flourishing. It's like onion limbo out there!

For Mother's Day this year, my hubby got some supplies and made me a backyard compost holder. It's just chicken wire and stakes, but it's the perfect size (3'x3'x3'). I haven't quite filled it up yet, but it's happening slowly and surely. I can't wait to be able to use the compost when it's ready. Meanwhile, my garage composting worms (red wrigglers) are doing their duty --er, dooty. Worm dooty is black gold to my plants! Ooh, speaking of! Hubby and I helped a friend move recently and she paid us by buying us dinner and giving me a plant. It's some kind of succulent, but I can't exactly find it on Google. The closest I got was Moonrocks. But it looks slightly different than that. Any ideas? Anyways, I love it... they look like tiny antique cement roses.

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