Antioxidantly sweet salad: beets 'n berries!

I had no idea beets and (blue)berries went so well together. Tossed with some sweet sungold cherry tomatoes and lacinato kale, drizzled with some balsamic and BAM! It's a flavorful, sweet explosion on your mouth! This is definitely a new thing for me. I loathed beets growing up until I tried a raw beet salad at a restaurant in Brevard, North Carolina last month when I was visiting my family. The beets tasted....awesome. I was surprised. So I picked up some local lacinato kale (I needed a change from curly), sungold 'maters and beets for myself at the Olympia Farmer's Market.

Next time I'm going to throw in some fresh blackberries. I certainly have enough of those right now.

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